Mowgli was created with charitable giving at the heart of the business. Each year The Mowgli Trust donates up to £500k for charity. Through The Mowgli Trust we sponsor a child in need for every full-time employee that we recruit.

Registered charity no. 1173842.

Charity Champions

Every Mowgli restaurant has a dedicated Charity Champion tasked with rallying their teams, to spend time together raising funds for their house charity. This brings us closer together as a working family as we raise these critical funds.

Annual India Trips

To ensure that our teams keep a global perspective on life itself, we fly scores of team members to work in Indian villages each year. They work with female entrepreneurs, on environmental projects and live amongst the villagers. Life looks very different forever after these immersive and important experiences.

Mowgli exists to enrich lives – the lives of its teams, guests, and communities. For each of our restaurant House Charities we raise up to £40,000 per year.

House Charities

Each restaurant has a dedicated house charity and dedicated Charity Champion. Supporting our cites, our nation, our planet, enriches our lives and yours.

Our World Charities – World Vision

For every full-time employee we hire, we sponsor a child in need. Our teams engage with these children through the year. We are closely supporting a community within Gaya, India and building an educational centre to enrich the lives of up to 9,115 young children.

Our Sustainability Charity – Chester Zoo

Chosen to be our Sustainability Captain, Chester Zoo regularly meet with and educate our teams in practices that prevent extinction. At present we have joined forces to champion the survival of endangered Asian elephants.

The Mowgli Dog Show

We hold an annual Dog Show with all the profits going to charity. Last year the show raised £71K for the children at Claire House Children’s Hospice.